HVHC Inc. and its subsidiaries make up
one of the largest vertically integrated optical
companies in the United States.

About HVHC Inc. Distribution and Manufacturing

HVHC Distribution and Manufacturing provides the products and operations necessary to make Visionworks and Davis Vision the successes they are. HVHC Distribution and Manufacturing operates five fabrication labs and two distribution centers, all proudly based in the United States. Thanks to the top-of-the-line resource and technology offered by HVHC Distribution and Manufacturing. HVHC is able to ensure that every product sold in a Visionworks store is of the highest possible quality and that out-of-pocket costs for Davis Vision customers is as low as possible.

"People are the foundation of our business," said John Kay, executive vice president of HVHC Distribution & Manufacturing. "And we want to provide the right tools and processes to engage our employees and continue to achieve the highest level of quality for our customers."